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Emergency Vehicles
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EMSEmergency Medical Services, a system that provides emergency medical care.


Tacticsan action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.





EMS Tactics is the premier source for educating prehospital professionals.

We offer entry level training for Emergency Medical Responders up to advanced certification and continuing education for specialty-certified Paramedics.

Our cadre of faculty are all seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and are selected because of their ability to teach with enthusiasm and clarity. EMS Tactics prioritizes the success of its students.


Dr. Scott Warner is the founder and medical director of EMS Tactics. He began his career as an EMT and has devoted his career to the advancement of EMS. He holds board certifications in EMS Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Disaster Medicine and is actively practicing prehospital EMS and tactical medicine. His wealth of real world experience and university teaching experience result in unparalleled curriculum and faculty development. 


This is the place for serious EMSP learners who wish to see measurable expansion of their knowledge base and psychomotor skill set. Our graduates have been recognized as achieving high pass rates on specialty certifying examinations.


We welcome students who are ready to move to the next level of our profession. If that's you... please check out our course schedules.


Because we are focused on your success, our class sizes are limited to less than 16 for most in-person classes- so early registration is advised.  We will offer many of our most popular classes on-line to accomodate wait lists.


Training Offerings

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Upcoming Classes- Registration Open

On-line classes- On Demand

Future Classes- Dates TBA

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IBSC Review Courses

Security Team Member

AHA Courses

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NAEMT Courses

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EMR/EMS Education

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